So this weekend I ventured to Washington D.C,  I left on the Friday morning and came back Sunday evening. I’ve always always wanted to go to D.C so it was literally a dream come true!

On the Friday I got of the bus and headed straight to the White house, when I arrived it was busier than I expected, and the security was crazy, and it was then that I realised that it was actually President Obama’s birthday party… Probably the worst day to be at the White House. The front of the White House was significantly less busy than the back! And I managed to get some pretty good pictures! I only spent enough time there to look and take a picture before I headed to look at the National Monument and to check into my hotel. The National Monument became a directional landmark for the two days I was wandering around – my hotel was super close to the national mall. Friday evening was super random, I walked to The Capital building (pictured), and ended up watching the U.S army’s Jazz and Blues band play… it was such a beautiful setting, and such an unexpected evening!

As the only full day of my trip Saturday was jam packed – I had such a long list of things I wanted to see! I started the day by visiting the Capitol building in daylight and exploring the grounds before heading to the Library of Congress. If you are planning on going to D.C I definitely recommend going into the Library of Congress. The inside is breath taking, literally. As well as going into the great hall, you can also walk through and view the main reading room. I can’t believe people actually get to work in there! I’d get too distracted by my surroundings to do anything remotely productive! The library also has an exhibition gallery. The Library of Congress is free to look around, and is a worthwhile addition to any agenda! It is also linked to the Capitol Visitor centre. I then headed to get some lunch before embarking on the longest walk of my life…

I went to the Smithsonian Institute on the way to the Jefferson memorial, which was a worthwhile detour, it has some interesting exhibits and is in the most beautiful building! I then headed to the Jefferson Memorial. Its on a lake, in fact, the whole park where the monuments are is insanely beautiful. After this there was a whole lot of walking and a whole lot of monuments! The FDR monument was a personal highlight and the Korean War memorial was really moving. I spent the last part of the day at the Lincoln memorial… I have always always wanted to go here, and it was the most memorable moment of the trip!  There was just something about seeing something that I’d always wanted to…  I ended the day soaking my feet in a fountain and sunbathing on the national mall!

I really didn’t want to leave! Washington is so so so much more ‘me’ then New York! It is clean, open, less crowded and most importantly green! There are actually open spaces! I’ll definitely be going back!



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