Time is flying by unbelievably quickly! I can’t believe that I have been in New York for a month now! And I’m starting to feel super settled in the city and in my internship.

However – starting my internship does mean that I have had a lot less free time to explore the city, I literally get back from work, eat dinner, and just want to chill out! So I’ve making sure that I try and do lots of things on the weekends so I don’t ‘waste’ my time this side of the globe! Its been super hot here the past couple of weekends so I’ve spent a lot of time in Central Park (turtle watching and reading), and at the Highline (sunbathing). However I did get time to pop down to the beach! I went to Coney Island which is probably the most accessible beach in NYC, you can take the metro from midtown all the way there. Its what I would call a ‘party’ beach – there is music, volley ball pitches, basket ball sections, a fun fair, food places and shops! There are people just sunbathing and chilling out but its not peaceful. I LOVED IT. The atmosphere is just really really nice which surprised me, when I saw the funfair I was like ‘oh crap its just going to be like Skegness…’, which I am pleased to report its not!

Aside from the beach I’ve spent a lot of time in museums and art galleries, New York just has so many! And they all offer completely different things! I went to MoMA (Museum of Modern Art), last week and although I spent most of my time looking at nineteenth to mid twentieth century paintings, and in the Degas exhibition, it is a place I would visit again. MoMA has a really really large collection, three floors are reserved for 21st century art, sculpture, photography, and architecture, and the top two are special exhibitions and the core collection of the gallery. The Degas exhibition was beautiful… and it shows a side to his work that I haven’t seen before… whilst the Monet room in the core collection was just absolute perfection. I was also super happy to see Van Gogh’s work!! Intellectually I can’t discuss art and I am in no way experienced in talking about paintings or the way that they are curated but I love just looking!

I also got to experience my first New York sunrise – completely by accident! I fell asleep straight after I got back from work so woke super early, and it was so bright outside I just had to go to the roof garden to see what was going on and I am so glad I did! It was beautiful! Sunrise + New York skyline = memorable.

I’m also super excited that I will be taking a trip to Washington next week! Its someplace that I’ve always wanted to go, and I thought while I’m here why not? There are lots of lovely things happening in August, namely two of my best friends are visiting! So its going to be a fun filled month!



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