I’ve never really enjoyed reading Nicholas Sparks, the books seemed predictable and samey… that being said I actually really enjoyed reading ‘The Longest Ride’, I read it quite quickly, in a day in fact, and if your like for something easy to read, on a beach, or in a park, its kinda perfect. No thinking required.

The novel tells the story of two couples whose lives come together in a profound, although slightly predictable today. Ira Levinson is ninety-one years old, a widow, and trapped in his car that has veered into a ravine during a snow storm. During the time he is trapped in the car he sees his wife, and it is in this way that the story of his marriage, and his life with Ruth is told. It is the image of his wife that keeps Ira alive, and alert. In the same town a student of Wake Forest University, Sophia Danko, is about to meet Luke, through whom she is introduced to a different world. One of life and death. As Sophia and Luke’s relationship grows, Ira grows weaker, and he sees his wife more and more frequently. The two couples are separated by experiences and many years, but their lives converge when Sophia and Luke find Ira trapped and injured in his car.

The book is written in three different narratives. And although at points the narratives feel rushed, all three entwine to create a powerful narrative. Although I would say that Ira’s story is perhaps the most beautifully and poignantly written, the other narratives do contribute a different perspective to the story. The discovery of Ira by Sophia and Luke is somewhat predictable, it was only the events of the last few chapters that surprised me.

The book is essentially light reading, and although some parts are beautifully written, those parts are few and far between. Its more what I would think of ‘teen’ reading I guess…


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