Am I a New Yorker yet?!

OK – so I have to admit this week has been a tiny bit boring – I’ve spent my entire week filling in forms, getting in queues and trying to figure out where I can go to scan and print documents… U.S bureaucracy is crazy, and ALL done on paper… what is that?! Surely you should be able to do things online? Anyway, I got everything done, I am now the proud owner of a social security number, a bank account and a library card OH and I have a dry cleaner. I think that means I had a successful week.

I did have some time for some time for nice things however, I made sure that I spent the majority of each day walking around, or taking the metro to places, even if I didn’t really need to go there. I’m determined to feel comfortable being in the city without getting ridiculously lost each time I step out of my place. On Sunday I went to watch some of the NYC pride parade, and it was wonderful! The atmosphere was super fun, and everyone was happy!! And it was nice to hear music instead of blaring sirens (this city is so noisy – the amount of times I walk down the street and jump when people blare their horns is crazy -everyone needs to take a Xanax).  Monday and Tuesday were admin/forms/go to offices type days, so I won’t bore you with those, although rushing all over the city really taught me how to use the metro. It’s hot and slightly gross, but at least the actual trains are air conditioned (TFL take note… AIR CONDITIONED trains…).

The last part of the week was more exciting, Wednesday was results day, I naively presumed that because of the time difference I would have my results in the morning, I spent the morning refreshing emails every twenty seconds, it was agonising, they arrived around lunch time here and I was very pleasantly surprised! I spent the afternoon at the High Line, its a park suspended above the city. The park utilises disused railway lines that transported things from the docks into the city, the architects and gardeners built the tracks into the design. It really is a unique way to view the city! The park is quite large and extends quite far into the city, your walking in between skyscrapers, which is pretty cool. OH, and I spent a couple of hours sitting on the loungers they provide and got very, very, very sunburnt. But not all over, just on one side of my body…. To continue the celebrations I went to the DvF store in the Village – and who just happened to be there? Diane von Furstenberg herself… Wednesday was the best day…

And today – well today I was super grumpy when I woke up, and then streaky bacon for breakfast well it just worsened my mood – have American’s never heard of back bacon? Like normal bacon, the bit with the actual meat on?! Anyway, I was very much disliking life this morning, so I went to The Met. The Met was on my list of things to do in New York, and it pulled me right up out of my mood. As soon as I got there I headed straight to the Manus x Machina exhibition, organised by Apple and Conde Nast. It was exquisite. I’ve been to a couple of ‘fashion’ exhibitions, and I have to say, for me, it even topped the Alexander McQueen exhibition at the V&A. The curators have done a wonderful job of organising the space so that you can wander from piece to piece. The selection of dresses is varied, and traditional techniques are showcased alongside futuristic and technology driven designs. The dresses themselves are displayed pretty much against a blank canvas, the space is white, with very little writing. Some of the more show-stopping pieces have a video backdrop. I spent a couple of hours in the exhibition, you can get pretty close to all of the dresses so you can get a really good view of the workmanship and the finer details that you just couldn’t get from looking at images. I longed to touch every single piece. But I think they’d take issue with that…. haha. I did notice though I was drawn to the pieces designed by Raf Simons at Dior the most… After the show-stopping pieces of the upper floors, the exhibition moves downstairs, and this is where techniques like pleating or lace making are showcased, I spent more time in the lace section than in any other – the details are just beautiful. Manus x Machina is an exhibition worth visiting, its one to go out of your way to visit. If you’re in the city, or the exhibition moves to you – visit. Especially if it ends up somewhere like the V&A, they always do a wonderful job of curating exhibitions like this.

After spending hours in the Manus x Machina exhibition I decided to wander around the rest of the museum – I didn’t really have a plan, I just wandered, and I think that’s the best way to visit somewhere like The Met. There are so many rooms, and so many exhibitions, that unless your there to see something specific, it is impossible to decide what to see and what not to see. Wandering frees you from the decision making. Saying that, however, I did make a point of wandering in the direction of the modern and contemporary art galleries. I love art, and painting, so seeing the Picasso’s, the O’Keefe’s and especially the Salvador Dali’s were really important to me… and I was not disappointed! I will definitely be taking a trip back to the Met with a sketchbook and some paint, for the first time in a long time I actually have time to paint!

So basically – I SURVIVED MY FIRST WEEK ALONE IN NYC…Although I haven’t worked since the second week of June – and I’m starting to go slightly insane – I’ve never had so much time! I’m very ready to start my internship on Tuesday!



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