Week One in New York…

Hello from NYC!

This is hopefully the first of many blogs… I’m going to attempt to blog weekly throughout my trip to let people know how my time in New York is going, and what is like to go from being a university student to an intern in Manhattan New York!

My first week in New York has been a blur of sunshine, touristy things, and sunburnt feet! My boyfriend (Ed), came with me, and we treated the week like a holiday week. We arrived on Saturday, and as soon as we got to the hotel dumped our bags and headed into the city! We were really lucky to stumble across a street market – the entire avenue was closed and filled with food stalls, musicians, and craft stalls… It was a wonderful introduction to NYC!

The following day was HOT… so hot… it was a central park day!!! The park itself is beautiful – we actually ended up playing drafts in the chess/checkers house, reminiscent of some very iconic movie scenes! We actually ended up going to central park lots of times in the week – it is like a little haven of peace in the craziness of the city! The lake with the little boats was my favourite! OH and I saw TURTLES – I was so happy – I LOVE turtles!

Other highlights of the week include the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. As a soon to be history graduate Ellis Island was particularly poignant, just thinking of all the families, and individuals that passed through the island on their life journey. I managed to find a record of some individuals that passed through that had the same surname as mine, I’ve asked my Grandma if members of our family went through Ellis Island – but so far no luck in finding out whether I am actually descended from them!

We also visited the Empire State building at dusk, arguably the most perfect time to go! We got to the top when the sun was setting and the lights of the city were just starting to turn on! It was definitely a beautiful way to see the city.

In all honesty, we spent a lot of time eating and wandering around the city – I have literally eaten some of the best food of my life here! New Yorkers definitely know how to eat/cook!

Ed left on Saturday after dropping me at my residence for the duration of my internship, and I spent the day moving in and getting my room organized! I’m staying in the West Village! Close to work, and a very lovely part of town – looking forward to exploring more this week before my internship begins next week!


Rebecca x




One thought on “Week One in New York…

  1. Hi Rebecca! You’re very lucky, the West Village is a lovely area to call home. We’re sure you’ll enjoy discovering all the unique neighborhoods have to offer, and yes, some of the BEST food! Welcome! 🙂


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